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So why switch from disposables to the world of cloth nappies?

Kinder to baby.

Disposables are chock full of pretty nasty chemicals. An excerpt from a recent newspaper article states “Researchers found about 60 chemicals, including glyphosate, used in the weedkiller Roundup, some of which have been banned in the European Union for more than 15 years. Other substances, usually found in cigarette smoke or diesel fumes, were also discovered...”

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Kinder to finances.

The overall cost of disposables is calculated at anywhere between £800 and £1.400 per child. This has been contested by some claiming that use of supermarket own brand nappies brings this total down to anywhere between £700-£1000. On average, cloth bum parents spend about £400 on nappies and accessories. That’s a significant saving for a first child and reusing for siblings makes massive onward savings. Well worth the initial investment.

Kinder to the environment.

The use of materials, production and landfill toll of disposables is huge. Every year the UK puts 3 billion disposable nappies into landfill. That’s 400,000 tonnes. Each year! It takes 7 million trees to make the wood pulp for that many nappies and about a cup of crude oil EACH. It’s estimated that disposable nappies take 500 years (that’s 25 generations!) to degrade, even if not locked in anaerobic landfill tanks. Any reduction in the number of disposables being used is a step in the right direction and OUR choices can make this happen.

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