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Nappy review: Baba + Boo

Like videos? Check out the YouTube review here

Baba + Boo is a British nappy brand for pocket nappies. They have a lovely range of prints and fasten with poppers for BTP and Velcro for newborn. They retail for about £16.50 in BTP and £11.95 for newborn, which puts them mid-range on price. Their inserts are a blend of bamboo and microfibre. As bamboo is a premium material, the microfibre element didn’t really surprise me for the price point. Their website also has bundles available, which offer savings. The inner lining contains an in-built gusset as well as the main elasticated outer gusset. I wouldn’t, however, call this a double gusseted nappy as that brings images of the classic “double leg seal” that double gusset wraps offer. At least to my mind. The newborn size covers roughly 5-18lbs weight and the BTP goes from the standard 10lb + range. My review is based on use of the BTP on my 19mo.

As a rule, I prefer poppers to Velcro on BTP nappies (trickier for exploratory fingers to undo!). The Baba + Boo BTP has two rows of waist poppers. This is my preferred configuration as you can adjust the waist (top row) and the leg (bottom row) separately. The wings are ever so slightly longer than some other nappy templates. Each has 2 poppers for the top row and a single popper for bottom row, which is set back on a diagonal from the frontmost popper. Unlike wings which have 2 rows of fastening poppers in line, the slanting shift of the lower popper gives a bit more room for chunkier legs. I really liked this detail – well thought. Do remember, however, that if your little one has sumo thighs, you don’t have to fasten the lower “leg” poppers at all. The top row for the waist is what holds the nappy up. The leg popper is for fitting/containment.

In their trial run I found the back waistband rather generous and extremely stretchy. In other nappies my 19mo son would be set at 4 poppers apart, but when I did this here the waist was too loose. I ended up fitting it at 2 poppers apart to get his fit right. The fit around legs was nice, even when the poppers were done up so closely. My son’s legs aren’t as chunky as they were now he’s confidently walking greater distances now, but they’re by no means slim. I’d worried a little that fastening the waist so tight would lead to the leg being too small, but the diagonal slant on the lower popper helped here and there was no digging in. This makes me think this would be a great nappy for bubbas with big tummies and legs.

The two generously sized inserts were very good for fluid absorption. Better than I’d expected, actually. However, the “inner gusset” is a little on the looser side. This is my only “niggle” with it, as a firmer gusset might offer more containment. For formula fed babies/those with firmer stools, this wouldn’t be such an issue, but very wet breastfed poo did get past it and right out to the outer elastics quickly.

I have to say that I’m a little bit in love with some of print range for Baba + Boo right now. It’s nice and varied with plenty of gender-neutral options for those keen to reuse their nappies for a sibling. They offer a range of prints and solid colours. The price is the same for either option. While I wasn’t completely bowled over by the inner gusset, their absorbency was absolutely fantastic. When I tested them to failure for wetness on an 19mo they took over a whopping 8 hours, which I wasn’t expecting.

This nappy is highly absorbent, nicely designed and comes in lovely prints. However, I believe there’s also room for tweaking. I’m not sold on the inner gusset and I’d be curious to see how it gets on with young, slim babies. However, once your baby fits into this nappy, the fit should last long as they grow with the super stretchy waist. If you have a big or older baby and are looking to bolster your cloth collection with a pretty print without going overboard on price, I’d say these are worth well a look.

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