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Nappy review: Pepi Collection

Pepi Collection is a London-based nappy brand offering popper-fastening BTP pocket nappies. When I was researching new nappies to get into the library, something about Pepi caught my eye. The inserts. They’re HUGE. GINORMOUS. For the price point £14.95 for plain and £15.95 for the designer prints, these nappies come with 2 gargantuan bamboo mix inserts that are really ready to work. These nappies are a bit larger than other BTP’s and will comfortably work for most larger babies. There’s no chance of a newborn fitting them, but once a baby is into them, these really should go the distance to potty training for almost any baby. So, let’s get a little more “in-depth”.

The outer shell is a lovely soft PUL and the print looks better in real life than in images. The inner lining is nice and plush feeling with an integral inner gusset (not to be confused with the classic “double leg” gusset that usually comes to mind). Some nappies make their inner gusset a bit wishy washy, but not Pepi. It feels nice and firm and you can see it ridging the inner material. The poppers on the waistband are in two rows and the lower popper on the wings is set back at a diagonal to the top row, which is good for babies with big thighs. But the stars of the show are the inserts. When I first got hold of the nappy, I just couldn’t get over their size. And BOTH of them are big. This is even better value for your money as most pocket nappies that come with two inserts will give one smaller and one larger. If you’re using this nappy on its smallest setting to start out, you will need to fold the inserts a little, and definitely only use the one to begin. To my mind, this is a bonus as you’re creating additional absorbency to place where you need it (front for boys, back for girls). And when you come to use both inserts, you can still fold the second insert for target absorbency as one insert gives plenty of base absorption across the whole nappy. It’s on the generously size and comes out a bit bigger than some other pocket nappies. When I took it down to its smallest setting I thought it was far too big for newborn use.

I didn’t get as much time as usually to trial this nappy as it went out on hire quite quickly, but I was very impressed with what I saw. On a 4-hour stint (our normal time period between nappies), the nappy was wet but could easily have taken on A LOT more. As the inserts are largely bamboo, the nappy will also do well under compression from sitting in a buggy or car seat. If I had a long trip to make and wanted to minimise nappy changes, I’d happily reach for a Pepi. The poo containment was good, even for looser stools. All round, this is a fantastic nappy set at a pleasing price point. You get a lot of ooompf for your investment. While I still used it on the larger setting for my (rather tall and chunky) 19mo, there is still room for him to grow comfortably in a Pepi.

If I were being particularly picky (which I am!), there is one tiny fly in the ointment to the might Pepi nappy, and that’s its print range. The prints are very nice, and the plain nappies are in nice shades (I do like the jet black one!). And the designer range prints are hand illustrated before going to print. Lush! However, to me the prints lean a little too heavily towards “boys” and “girls”. The “darling buds” print truly is a thing of beauty, but definitely a girly print. Similarly, the “baby bear” print is quite boyish. The plain block colours are black, ivory, baby blue and peach. As the brand grows from strength to strength (and I sincerely hope it does), I’d love to see a few more prints and plain colours in the middle ground. But hey, I’m being super fastidious here and prints have nothing to do with performance, which this nappy has in spades!

I’d happily suggest a Pepi as a great nappy to have in a cloth collection. And if you’re joining the cloth party a little later or have a big baby, Pepi will have you covered. Great performance, FABULOUS inserts, generous sizing. Job done! In a marketplace leaning towards nappies going straight from newborn upwards, to produce a larger format nappy to take care of the bigger babies is a bold step. Pepi Collection has erupted onto the scene with superb effort of a nappy for a new brand and I hope they have a long and prosperous future.

If you're in my library area (N. Herts) and fancy trying a Pepi Collection nappy for yourself, email - we have single nappy hire and small 4-nappy hire packages for those looking to try new things!

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