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Nappy Review: Lu Makes All Star

The Lu Makes All Star is a small format OSFM AI2 (one size fits most, all-in-two) poppered nappy, handmade in the UK. It has a built-in absorbent panel and comes with 2 additional boosters (one small, one large) that snap into the back of the wrap. All of these have a hemp/bamboo mix that make for wonderful absorbency. They have a pretty frilly outer finish with a strong inner gusset running to the leg. If wished, these outer frills can be tucked into the leg opening for additional containment. It also has ruched elastic to the front of the tummy for comfort fit. One little feature I really like with this is the front band of poppers. The top and bottom band poppers are opposites, meaning you can popper them together at the front should you wish to lower the belly slightly. I’ve not seen that on any other nappy. When I asked Lu why she did this, I was so surprised by the answer – it’s not about the belly at all, but ensuring the hip poppers don’t dig into skin when being used on the larger settings. Still, I think it’s cool for tummy lowering!

My first impression on handling the nappy was “this person is ballsy and knows what they’re doing”. To leave the seams on display is a bold statement of confidence as the nappy doesn’t need an outer wrap. It says “This nappy doesn’t need tucked seams, just you see”. And so I let my son loose on it for a whirl. Wow, an absorbent powerhouse in miniature form! With the inner core being hemp, you can use the All Star on its smallest setting as an AIO for small babies, only adding the additional inserts as baby grows and you increase the rise settings.

The large insert on the newest version fills the nappy nicely (previous versions weren’t so generous) and the small insert is a dinky top-up for where more absorbency may be needed. Job done! On its largest rise setting and with both inserts in, the nappy aced performance during the day. After a standard 4 hour run the nappy could have taken an awful lot more! So much so that I wondered if it would last the night now my 21mo son is starting to feed less at night these days. (Still 2-3 times during the night, but not long per feed). I wouldn’t usually test a “non-night” nappy overnight, but I was quietly confident about the All Star. I snapped the big insert into the pocket and then put the smaller to the front to create more absorbency where he needs it. With no additional booster or wrap, the Lu Makes pulled a 12-hour stint beautifully! It was utterly soaked through, but a solid winner overnight! Children go through heavy wet phases (mhty boy is now out of this), but it's comforting to know that when you buy a great day nappy, there may well come a time when it can serve overnight, too.

The trim design and popper configuration on this nappy make the All Star lean well towards slimmer babies with slim legs. Not to say it won’t serve the chunkier babies, but those who find it difficult to find trim fitting leg openings on nappies for their skinny minnies should take a look at this. My eldest was a string bean and I wish I’d had one of these for her. The inner gusset is very sturdy and will take a lot of wear before going slack, which is the perennial problem facings softer gusseted nappies.

I think this nappy really packs a punch. Due to its high hemp content, its absorbency is brilliant. However, hemp is a SLOW absorber, hence the cotton and bamboo in the nappy to help make it a good all-rounder. It does also mean that the inserts and wrap take a fair while to line/clothes horse dry. And no, don’t even think about tumble drying the wrap, folks! If you do find your little one gush-wetting out a hemp nappy, try adding a cotton or microfibre booster to help soak up the initial gush quickly while the hemp locks in the fluid for AGES. I’m a big fan of the All Star. It’s a playful yet effective offering from someone who really knows her stuff at a sewing machine.

The new and some older versions of the All Star are in the library for hire. Individual or small 4-nappy tester nappy hire packages are available. Visit or email for more info.

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