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Nappy Review: Bobo Tweet

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Bobo Tweet produces handmade nappies in the UK. Yep, that’s right. Here in the UK, made by hand. As soon as I saw them I just HAD to get one to try. Two, actually. An AI2 and a pocket nappy, both popper fastening (my personal preference). I also got a spare set of inserts and a couple of BEAUTIFUL fleece liners, to boot! All so I could give my dear readers a proper review, you understand. Nothing to do with my obsession with cloth nappies. Being handmade, I’d expected an additional price premium but the pockets are £16.99 and the AI2 £19.99, which is no more than other premium machinemades. These prices include 2 inserts each – 1 x 2 layers 100% bamboo terry and 1 x 3 layers of hemp. These two inserts snap together for the pocket nappy and snap into the front and back for the AI2. Hemp and bamboo are super thirsty premium materials, so the price point really made these irresistible. The pockets are also available to buy without inserts for £10.99, but for the £6 I'd definitely take the inserts.

I was absolutely buzzing when they arrived and I opened the package. I didn't want to get my hopes too high, but I needn't have worried. Bobo Tweets are GORGEOUSLY made nappies. The stitching detail, materials and quality were completely superb. I literally stopped everything I was doing to put them in to soak overnight before pre-washing. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty for each…

The AI2 have 5 rise settings to the front and poppers that can cross over each other on their smallest waistband setting. However, they’re still a solid BTP and won’t be small enough for a newborn. Having said this, they should easily last through to potty training and the 5 size settings will make transitions up nice and smooth. The leg elastics aren’t too aggressive, so they stay snug without digging into chunkier thighs. The inserts snap in at the front and the back, which allows you to fold one insert over to boost absorbency where you need. For this I’d always recommend using a liner as well.

The front insert (2 layers 100% bamboo terry with a fleece lining on top) snaps in with a double snap which gets tucked under a PUL lip (which in turn snaps down toward the outer waistline to keep it in place). This keeps potentially cold popper snaps being in direct contact with baby’s tummy. A thoughtful touch. The rear insert is the hemp, which has a single popper snap to fix it in place. The poppers on the inserts match the outer poppers, too! Just another cute bit of attention to detail which ticked a box for me. If I’m paying decent money for a nappy, I like to see the small things well-considered. The two inserts are utter workhorses. The wrap is nicely lined on the inside, which further aids with absorption. To my mind, this gives Bobo Tweets the edge against AI2 brands that just use a bare PUL wrap for containment. However, if it gets very wet, it’s not wipeable like a plain PUL wrap. For smaller babies, you’d only need to use one insert at a time, but I went straight to both inserts for my 18-month-old. On their first wear after a pre-wash they pulled a comfy 5 hour stretch with no problems. They fit him beautifully and it was love at first wear!

Next it was time to try the pocket. The pocket version comes with 4 rise settings to the front. The AI2 is a slightly larger format so has an additional rise setting, but 4 settings on a pocket is more than many nappies on the market. The pocket opening is neatly elasticated to the inside so doesn't gape, which is my preference.

Again, fabulous absorbent performance. I don’t recommend leaving babies in nappies for a long time, but when testing a new nappy, I give each one shot at being left till failure to see how long it takes. The bamboo and hemp inserts lasted 7 hours until the night change and my boy was fine. I used one of the Bobo Tweet liners - they’re super soft and luscious. Because the inserts had fared so well in my initial testing, I thought I’d give Bobo Tweet an overnight test. I stuffed the pocket nappy with its usual 2 inserts AND the spare 2 inserts I’d got. That’s 4 layers of bamboo and 6 of hemp. Because the individual inserts themselves aren’t that bulky, doubling up made for a big but not ridiculously large nappy to tackle my heavy night wetting toddler. Even without a double gusset for containment, this combo sailed through 11 hours solid without a leak. I was confident that they’d make the night but was impressed when I checked the inserts in the morning and saw that they could definitely have taken more.

In summary, these are phenomenal nappies which tick all the boxes for me for a BTP offering. Great quality, hard-working, handmade in the UK and supporting a small mumpreneur. WIN! Bobo Tweet only makes nappies in small production runs of prints, so every design is effectively a limited edition. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t snap up a particular narwhal print last time and now it’s gone! I’ll know better next time. I've also looked about and you don’t come by these secondhand. In a pre-loved marketplace flooded with the usual names, people aren’t selling these on. Bobo Tweet is a gem that I’m delighted to have found. I already have plenty of nappies for my son, but these are so brilliant that I’m going to invest for my own stash as well as the library!

I'm so excited to have these in the library for you to try. If you want to try one, Cloth Bums has these available for individual hire @ £2.50 + £7.50 refundable deposit for 2 weeks. Each nappy will come with a Bobo Tweet liner included. Contact to hire.

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