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Nappy review: Peachi Baby

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The very first thing I have to say about these nappies is that they’re SIMPLY GORGEOUS to look at. Ask any cloth bum parent whether they’ve bought a nappy on the strength of a cute print and I’m sure most will say “yes!”. If your taste runs to gentle colourways and cute motifs, then you’re going to love Peachi Baby’s prints. They retail at £20 each, putting them in the “premium nappy” price band. Peachi is a female-led UK brand that works with female illustrators to create signature, largely gender-neutral looks. I think they’re simply stunning – my absolute favourite prints on the market at the moment. They are simply packaged in a home-compostable mailing bag that can go in your green waste bin, too. Bonus! Peachi is also UK-based company if shopping local is one of your purchasing aims.

The nappy itself is a poppered AI2 with a snap-in insert to the front AND a large anchor shaped booster that tucks into a back pocket. The pocket gives this nappy great flexibility for you to boost with something else, should you wish, but I’d doubt you’d need to. The outer shell and inner lining are super soft polyester while the inserts are 70/30 bamboo/cotton, which make them very absorbent. The anchor insert has a long front tongue that allows for a variety of folds before placing in the pocket, customising where you need your absorbency most (front for boys, back for girls).

The wide spread of the anchor shape gives that extra boost to absorbency for newborns lying on their back as it will wrap around baby with the shell. The front tongue is rather slim – noticeably slimmer than the pocket space of the nappy shell. This isn’t a “missed opportunity” for sneaking in more absorbency. This nappy folds down very small on its smallest setting. Newborn small. I’d definitely put this in my newborn hire kits. The slimline front tongue of the anchor allows the pocket to be stuffed nicely but stay comfy and soft for the tiny little leg gaps of newborns. I wouldn’t use the two inserts (snap-in and anchor) together on the smallest setting. It would make the nappy too rigid for comfortable use, especially on a newborn with a cord still attached. You wouldn’t need to, anyway. Either the anchor or the snap-in insert would easily take you through to the next change with a very little one. In an ideal world, I’d use the front snap-in insert first, and if it’s only absorbed a bit of liquid without the shell getting soaked, the shell can then be stuffed with the anchor to maximise the nappy’s newborn use. Or if you have two and the shell is ever so slightly damp, give it a damp wipe-down and let dry for the next change in rotation. Only as baby grows would I start using them together for extra absorbency.

When it comes to washing, Peachi suggest not washing the shells above 40 degrees or spinning over 800rpm. I just might have spun them at 1,200 rpm and they did fine but the lower rpm is to help the elastics remain tight for longer. Having tumble and radiator dried the inserts, I’d suggest they be reshaped whilst damp and then air/radiator dried. I think excessive tumble drying will warp the fabric.

The fit is a low-slung pant-style nappy. On older kids you might think they’re “too small”, but this snug low fit is intentional. I haven’t been able to test it (my youngest being nearly 18 months), but I imagine the front of the nappy could be tipped enough to go under a tummy cord. I can’t say this for sure as I haven’t been able to test it myself. Being low to the front hasn’t held back the Peachi’s performance in my test runs. The containment has been great and the leg elastics are lovely and strong without digging in. On my 18mo, the nappy is at top height setting and he’s using the wider hip settings. He’s currently got the outer of the double popper fasteners is on the outermost setting, but the nappy has good quality poppers and should still hold well with only one hip popper fastened. I had no leaks on my standard use run (3-4 hours), but the inserts were thoroughly soaked. A good performance from a compact nappy.

Beautiful and stylish as this nappy is, it wouldn’t see my boy through to potty training. I could see it maybe taking him to 2 years old. He is tall and heavy for his age. A smaller tot would get more time from it but not many would potty train from it, I believe. I’ve seen this with other nappies that truly fit from birth. If it goes down teeny tiny, it’s not reasonable to expect it to unfold to massive sizes. So I don’t hold this against Peachi. There is, in fact, only one thing that niggles me about this nappy. I know I’m being VERY fastidious but, for its price point, I’d have liked to see the inner lining of the pocket with some elastic to keep it neat and tidy. Without it, the pocket can gape and the tag stick up. This is a minor aesthetic consideration, but doesn't interfere with its performance.

Overall, these are such lovely, good-quality nappies. Not perfect, but if I were to have another baby and wanted to buy and use special things to be “only theirs”, a Peachi nappy would definitely be on my shopping list. They’d make a beautiful gift, too, with plenty of super cute, gender neutral designs available. And if you keep your eye out for an end of season sale, you could pick up a bargain of beauty and quality.

…And did I say that they’re beautiful??? 😉

Check out the YouTube video review, too!

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